sâmbătă, 18 iulie 2009

Long time, no post.

There was little or no time for blogging since the previous post, so no article was written.
I did a lot. I finished college, and I got my Bachelor's degree. I learned how important it is to do things at the right time and not stall them. I just didn't feel like working on my Batchelor work, so I had to finalise it in the last three weeks before I checked it in. I wrongly estimated the quantity and quality of information that I had to obtain in order to write about Kosovo's Independence, and the conflicts between Serbs and Albanians, as it being too small. When I effectively started writing on the work, I found out just how much information I had, and that there was no way I'd fit all of that in about 100 pages and in such a short time. In the few days before I finished it, I actually deleted some stuff, because it would have been too big. I had to work on it the very day before I checked it in, then through the night and into the morning, when I felt half asleep and half awake and working on it, and I finished it and turned it in at a local copy shop and I payed an emergency tax for it to be completed in under two hours, a few hours before I turned it in, to the secretaries in the University. I had some formality troubles afterwards, that kept me busy the following week, but after that, in the second day in which myself and my colleagues would present the works in front of the commission of teachers that we knew all along in college, I presented it, and had no troubles, and the teachers liked it and said it was very good, that the critical apparatus was good, and that the work, in general was very good, with only one contradicting me on a few issues, but nothing serious. In the end, I got a 10, which is the highest grade in Romanian Education, so I'm pretty happy about that.
I did a good work, but the point and the advice is, don't do something that has to be done in stages, and in time, in the last few weeks or in the last few days, because it's exhausting, it's nerve wrecking, and if you have a deadline, the quality of your work might suffer, and you might not have time to write about all the things that you originally intended to write about or do, regarding that particular work, or you might not even have time to do other stuff that you intended to do because it might conflict with finishing that work. For instance, besides writing a more complete Bachelor's work, I wanted to get a haircut, I wanted to go to the dentist, I wanted to read certain books, and I ended up doing none of that. So my advice is simple: do things at a specific time, and don't let them crowd up on you as you have to meet a deadline, it'll save you lots of nerves, and it's more comfortable.
On the other hand, I learned just how important the power of will is. The day before I turned in the Bachelor's work, I had to complete more than a quarter of it, and as I was writing at it into the night and into the morning, I felt the need to sleep because I was tired, and I even felt like my heart was acheing, and that I needed a break, but I said NO! I knew that I was in that situation because I hadn't worked at it when I was supposed to, and I took responsability for my actions and I never gave up, and I completed it! So my other advice is, that if you find yourself in a tense situation and you know it's pretty difficult to get out of it, Never Give Up!
Never Give Up! Even if you don't think you're gonna' get out of it, you've got nothing to lose, and you've got a lesson to learn. I had to learn that on my own skin, like I usually learn things, to understand it.
There are many other things to tell, but that was a pretty important thing and I hope it's of use.

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or long time no see

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Felicitari pentru licenta...
fa ti timp sa scrii mai des :D

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