joi, 1 ianuarie 2009

Nappy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Now we're in 2009! That's great! 2008 wasn't a good year for me anyway. I had big plans, and they were all scrubbed. I'm happy that two friends of mine, together with their parents, moved to the USA. I'm happy for them, although I miss them at the same time, and I guess the New Year's Eve wouldn't have sucked so badly if they were here. I'm keeping in touch with them on the Internet, so that's OK!
I've learned however, better than before, that you can't trust people too much, least you wanna' be disappointed.
I've also learned, to the same extent that: Once you gotta' do it right, you gotta' do it yourself. I like that line! It's from Blade 2, and it belongs to Ron Pearlman's character,... Except in the actual movie, it comes with: "Like my daddy said... right before he killed my mom..." before it. That doesn't make the DIY line not true though.
And there's the point: Why would you have others do, something that you don't wanna' do, for you? Especially since it's in your interest, not theirs.
I've also learned that the people who can't take advice, always insist on giving it, and that people who complain about EVERYthing, don't wanna' see you complain about ANYthing.
I've learned that things such as alcohol, tobacco, food, love, ...whatever, are not necessarily bad. It's the addiction and the excess that are bad.
I've learned that you shouldn't waste your time trying to understand people who can't understand themselves, 'cause you might forget about yourself and your needs.
Care only about the things that matter and have a realistic and practical use, not the ones that don't. After all, the cherry on top of the cake, counts for nothing without the cake underneath it( conceptually speaking).
I guess I'll be running away from the people who think of the cherry as the main thing, there's no reasoning with them. The one thing I hate more than seeing the Don Quixote fighting with the windmills scene happening in modern society, is it happening to me.
OK, so I've learned quite a few things from year 2008, but I'm happy about one thing: IT'S ALL OVER!
I'll face the new year with a new attitude!
I wish you all a Happy New Year, happiness, health, and joy!