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Se afișează postări din iulie, 2009

Long time, no post.

There was little or no time for blogging since the previous post, so no article was written.I did a lot. I finished college, and I got my Bachelor's degree. I learned how important it is to do things at the right time and not stall them. I just didn't feel like working on my Batchelor work, so I had to finalise it in the last three weeks before I checked it in. I wrongly estimated the quantity and quality of information that I had to obtain in order to write about Kosovo's Independence, and the conflicts between Serbs and Albanians, as it being too small. When I effectively started writing on the work, I found out just how much information I had, and that there was no way I'd fit all of that in about 100 pages and in such a short time. In the few days before I finished it, I actually deleted some stuff, because it would have been too big. I had to work on it the very day before I checked it in, then through the night and into the morning, when I felt half asleep and ha…