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Se afișează postări din 2009
In dimineata zilei de Duminica 8 Noiembrie 2009, am fost langa teatrul national unde s-a construit o scena in mijlocul strazii, pentru discursul presedintelui Traian Basescu. Ziua precedenta, fusesem la o intalnire la care ma invitasera amicul meu Dan, si o amica de-a lui, Stefania, studenta la jurnalism, intalnire care s-a tinut intr-o sala de conferinte, poate singura, din tipografia ziarului Gazeta De Sud, si la care in afara de o amica pe care o stiam de mai mult, am intalnit cativa studenti de la jurnalism din anul 1. Scopul intalnirii a fost gasirea unor tineri dornici sa lucreze pentru o revista online pentru studenti, sa culeaga informatii, sa faca poze, sa scrie articole, si sa vina cu diverse subiecte care sa fie abordate in cadrul revistei. Datorita ideilor aduse, experienta fiecaruia in bloguri, articole, si porcarii de genul, s-au stabilit anumite subiecte ce ar fi putut fi abordate.Dimineata, m-am trezit, m-am spalat, m-am imbracat, si nici nu am apucat sa mananc, si am …

Long time, no post.

There was little or no time for blogging since the previous post, so no article was written.I did a lot. I finished college, and I got my Bachelor's degree. I learned how important it is to do things at the right time and not stall them. I just didn't feel like working on my Batchelor work, so I had to finalise it in the last three weeks before I checked it in. I wrongly estimated the quantity and quality of information that I had to obtain in order to write about Kosovo's Independence, and the conflicts between Serbs and Albanians, as it being too small. When I effectively started writing on the work, I found out just how much information I had, and that there was no way I'd fit all of that in about 100 pages and in such a short time. In the few days before I finished it, I actually deleted some stuff, because it would have been too big. I had to work on it the very day before I checked it in, then through the night and into the morning, when I felt half asleep and ha…

Nappy New Year!

Happy New Year!
Now we're in 2009! That's great! 2008 wasn't a good year for me anyway. I had big plans, and they were all scrubbed. I'm happy that two friends of mine, together with their parents, moved to the USA. I'm happy for them, although I miss them at the same time, and I guess the New Year's Eve wouldn't have sucked so badly if they were here. I'm keeping in touch with them on the Internet, so that's OK!
I've learned however, better than before, that you can't trust people too much, least you wanna' be disappointed.
I've also learned, to the same extent that: Once you gotta' do it right, you gotta' do it yourself. I like that line! It's from Blade 2, and it belongs to Ron Pearlman's character,... Except in the actual movie, it comes with: "Like my daddy said... right before he killed my mom..." before it. That doesn't make the DIY line not true though.
And there's the point: Why would you ha…